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Our Origin sliding doors offer class leading design, durability, security and beauty. They are available in 4 different sightlines over 2 sliding door systems the Artisan Slider and the Patio Slider. Our range of Origin sliding doors offer some of the sleekest profiles available in the UK market. They offer a large expanse of glass giving a maximised view of your outside space, whilst retaining their thermal qualities.


Price examples based on 3000mm x 2100mm standard specification

1 moving and 1 fixed
£2610 inc VAT and delivery

2 pane both moving
£2720 inc VAT and delivery

Triple track all 3 moving
£3120 inc VAT and delivery

Triple track 2 moving and 1 fixed
£2980 inc VAT and delivery

There’s a number of considerations to make before ordering your sliding doors including the following…
  • The size of your doors
  • The system you require
  • The configuration left or right opening
  • The colour
  • The threshold
  • Your preferred accessories and finish
  • Handle type
But if you’re not a sliding door veteran don’t
worry we’ll help you every step of the way!
Introducing Our Sliding Doors Collection

Our sliding door systems are a contemporary take on a traditional patio door. Our range offers the perfect solution for any home or property development and all are made bespoke to your requirements. The range includes the OS-20, OS-29, OS-44 and OS-77. They are available with 3 sightlines. The OS-2o is the smallest with a sightline of only 20mm, this maximises the glass coverage enhancing the view and aesthetic appeal of the door. The other differences include height and width, glazing options, U-Value and the length of guarantees. If you’re not a glazing veteran don’t worry! Our team are here to give you expert advice. You can call 01606 810 011 or email:

All of our doors are made to your specific requirements and offer the following options…

  1. Choose your system type
  2. Select your size
  3. Choose your configuration
  4. Choose from a wide range of colours
  5. Select your handle style and colour

Choosing between the OS-29, OS-44 and OS-77

Our sliding doors can be installed in apertures as wide as 11.9 metres. You can have up to 6 glass panels for a wide opening or just 2 for narrower spaces.

Selecting the best door for your requirements

The main differences between our sliding door ranges OS-20, and the Patio Slider OS-29 / OS-44 / OS-77 are the sightlines, sizes, widths and colours. If you contact our team either through our website or by calling 01606 810 011 we will be able to advise you in detail.


Superb opening with a glide and a slide…

Our sliding doors glide effortlessly on their specially designed track. The doors are designed to pass each other smoothly  even after years of use.  You can choose from double or triple tracks depending on the configuration you choose. Additionally you get to choose where your opening will be to the left, right or middle of your opening.

 Our tracks are concealed which lessens the chances or finger or toes getting trapped. If you want an ultra-refined look you can choose to have your track recessed into the floor.

 Our doors use weighted bearings which prevent the doors from moving once in place, they even feature a stop facility which prevents the door from over running its track.

Now all you ned to do is leave an enquiry with our team or you can call us on 01606 810 011


The mechanisms on our patio sliders have been tested rigorously to make sure they can withstand common break in techniques. The locks used offer incredibly strong shoot bolts meaning that each of our sliding door options exceeds PAS 24:2016 Enhanced Security Standards.

Pick your Perfect Handle

We have a range of handles to suit your style requirements.

500mm stainless steel bar handle with separate thumbturn

300mm combined
handle with thumbturn

Stainless Steel
Patio D-handle

Patio D-handle

Patio D-handle

Black Patio

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